Massage - Bodywork


Back Massage / Whole Body Massage

With the back massage or whole body massage, I basically use the technologies of the classical medical massage, which is also called a Swedish massage. The classical medical massage has its origin in the antiquity and in far-east technologies. The word massage, in Greek "massein" which means "knead" in English, already describes the method.

Massage have four main technologies:

. Stroking
. Kneading
. Circular stimulation
. Patting

Through the above methods circulation is stimulated and the lymph can be drained. Also, general psychic relation is promoted.

Indications are:
. Tension
. Short muscles
. Hard instep
. "Myogelosen"
. Back pain
. Intense head pain

In summery, these types of massages relax the muscles and the psyche.

Whole body massage:
encloses,  in addition,  the backside muscles, legs and feet, arms and hands, breast muscles and head and face. The main focus for this lies in relaxation.

Back massage:
eases tension alone the backbone, shoulder area, nape of the neck and the head. Blockades and muscle hardness are loosened and the back regains its pleasant feeling.

With the help of valuable aromatic body oils which I use for the back massage as well as for the whole body massage, you are led by manual effects into a phase of rest and regeneration.  Thus, you are filled with new strength and energy to feel ready to do new tasks.

Massage can work for:
. analgestics
. blood circulation
. stress relief
. cramp relaxation
. general relaxation

Anti-stress Massage

This is a bigger and bigger must in today's world, where humanity is over flooded with more and more information which is bound to cause stress. by slow, rhythmical stroke movements, the anti-stress massage has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and serves to remove stress. Internal rest and calmness appears perceptibly as new energy flows through the body. Accompanied by quiet, gentle, relaxing music in the background, you gradually go into a state of deep relaxation. Ideally, with regular sessions after long work days, you experience rest and relaxation so very good for the body, mind and soul. The relief is unique.

To help to achieve this happy state, I use a high-quality aromatic oil. The state of deep relaxation and rest is further supported by aromatic aroma.



Reflex Zone Massage

Reflex zone massage was applied traditionally in many cultures for several thousand years and has proved itself very valuable in the naturopath practice.

On the feet, hands are ears there are zones that reflect the organ areas of the human body. These are called reflex zones. Reactions from the respective organs are achieved by a pressure massage of these areas, which leads to the stimulation of nerves, muscles, glands and organs. Blood circulation is improved and the metabolism is stimulated. Reassurance and relaxation enter, stress is diminished and the activation of the self-healing forces is stimulated.

Furthermore, one assumes in the reflex  zone massage.  that energy lines can be influenced. A disturbance of the energy flow - - a blockage, endangers health because a healthy body is dependent on a steady energy flow. With reflex zone massage I can, with my many experiences with such blockages, bring the energetic system back into balance and promote the self-healing of the organism. By stimulating the blood circulation and the nervous system, the body is supplied by more oxygen and nutrients.

Foot Reflex Zone Massage

The whole nervous system cycle involves the whole human body and is connected by the organs to the feet, as demonstrated. With this massage technology, regions of the body, i.e., the backbone or the pelvis, internal organs can be treated indirectly. Relaxation, improved blood circulation , pain relief and activation of the self-healing forces of the body are the boals of this technology.

The Chinese, with their acupuncture and acupressure technology, have immense knowledge about the influence of certain body regions on other more distant points in the body.

Howe3ver, even if we do not want to influence al the body regions with the foot massage, the massage of the feet is a particularly relaxing and wholesome experience for anyone. We owe our feet, which we overload and put weight upon all day long, a relaxing and wholesome massage.


Deep Tissue Massage

Feel the deep effect of this treatment....

The Deep Tissue massage is a very effective, not quite painless therapy form with relieves the most stubborn tension with selective pressure as well as the application of cold packs or warm compresses.


Facial Relaxation Massage

This is very good, relaxing technology to relieve tension in the neck, nape and face. To achieve this, I techniques from cranio-sacral and Shiatsu.

I use light manual stretching on the cervical muscles. Then comes gentle pressure of the acupressure points to stimulate the scalp and the face. With this technology, muscles relax while lymphatic drain and blood circulation is promoted.

We achieve the biggest effect of all with the psyche. Deep relaxation is promoted. Many customers report later that, for a long time after, they feel like they are walking on a cloud.


Aromatic oil massage

With the aromatic massage, ethereal oils are massaged into the skin,  together with massage oil.  The warm massage oil and the massage manipulations relax the whole body and the ethereal oils have a positive influence on the mind and psyche. It also produces relaxing or exciting odors.

With the aromatic oil massage, the whole body is massaged and rubbed with warm massage oil and fragrant essence. True fireworks coming from the smells surround you during the whole massage and by self-wish, relax the mind and body.  With gentle massage stimulation, the whole body is relaxed from head to foot. The massage technology of the aromatic oil massage is closely related to the "Ayuveda" massages.

Aromatic oils which can be selected on site in my practice:

. "Oriental fireworks"
. "Pure wood"
. "Vitalizing"
. "Tulsi"
. "Coriander"