Holistic bodywork

The causes of health discomfort and illnesses have many reasons. Social conditions, exterior factors as well as physical, emotional and spiritual stress can lead a person to large imbalances and with it, to illnesses.
Just as many-sided are the possibilities to regain and receive a state of health, for instance:

Holistic comprehensive perception ("holos" in Greek = completely), concerns the living conditions and also, the internal aspects of a person. It encompasses more than the body, mind and soul. Thus, every health disturbance always concerns, no matter where it appears, the entire person. Every person is unique. Every body has different basic conditions. Each patient responds to therapy differently and needs specific, individual support in the recovery process.

This basic understanding is the basis of my entire work through comprehensively oriented body work and physiotherapy. I use my many-sided professional experiences to put various complimentary therapy forms into practice.