Metabolism Optimisation

This is categorized into the following areas:


Vital Material Therapy

Vital material therapy concerns itself with the preservation of good health and the treatment of illnesses through changing the concentration of substances which ordinarily exist in the body and which are responsible for health.

A Theory sais: So that we remain healthy and efficient, vital materials such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and essential fatty acids, all of which our bodies cannot produce itself regularly in sufficient amounts, must be supplied. These vital materials are normally in food as well as in our bodies. However, with today's average eating habits, the vital materials needed are no longer covers the needs of the body. This is especially true with drug consummation, pregnancy, lactation, smoking and stress. The human body depends on a sufficient supply of vital materials.

In my practice, only vital material preparations of the highest quality are used. I have the possibility to produce individual vital supplement mixtures with the help of my previous diagnosis. Also, special preparations stand ready for you to accompany.  Another possibility consists of supplying vital materials with infusions (drips).


Schuessler's Salt

This healing method is based on the fact that in the human body (in the blood as well as in the cells of all organs) a series of mineral substances are included. Though they come in different amounts and concentration, they are essential for harmonious balance, body build-up as well as for the proper running of all body functions.