Spinal Therapy by Dorn

The Dorn spinal therapy is a gentle treatment of the backbone which is completely safe in contrast to the chiropractor method.

Nearly 30 years ago, Dieter Dorn, from Austria, discovered this natural-healing method. He developed this through long-standing experiences with back-sufferers. This method can bring joints into their correct positions softly and naturally, without suddenly forcing them.

The basis of the Dorn method is to test the different lengths of the legs.  "Slipped out" hips, knee joints, ankles and also neck, breast and lumbar vertebrae arias can cause varied symptoms of pain. With easy manual technologies and thumb pressure, joints and vertebrae are pushed back into their original positions.

The secret of this method lies in the fact that the joints are moved back into the right position not by passiveness, but instead by active movement on the part of the patient. By this method, the muscles which enclose every joint firmly become soft and elastic. The misplaced joints or vertebrae can be corrected from the foot up to the head softly and above all, safely.

The Dorn therapy needs no aids or drugs. Only Jonnes herb oat is used with this method, also used for "Breuss" massages.

Nevertheless, the active assistance of the patient is essential and urgently needed to contribute to recovery. Particularly needed for lasting success are easy exercises that the patient must perform.

The Dorn therapy should not be use if the patient has any of the following:

Before a Dorn therapy can begin, a detailed conversation takes place in which we decide together whether this is the right method of treatment for you, or whether we should take advantage of the "Breuss" massage. In most cases according to the delicacy of you, the patient, I combine a relaxing "Breuss" massage along with the Dorn therapy. After the Dorn therapy one should drink loots of water to expel body wastes.