The diagnosis consists three parts:

  1. Mind: Conversation about spiritual-physical causes
  2. Soul: Energetic examination
  3. Body: Manual and visual-physical examination

For the diagnosis, I gage the time according to the complexity of the symptoms to find out the real reason for the illness.

The type of examination is always decided according to the symptoms of the patient and splits itself according to demand in the following areas:

1. Conversation with aetiology:
To find the causes of an illness and the proper therapy,
a intense conversation and a detailed examination are
important conditions.

Every physical complaint can also have a psychic component.
This topic can cause physical stress and increase a
symptom in the body.

The following subjects will be discuss together:

2. Physical investigation:
To get a better picture of your body function and the reason for your disease, I use classical and natural diagnosis methods and like to work together with specialised labs to diagnose the following:

The Borders of Naturopathy

Naturopathy customers have many possibities for cure. However, there are also limitations. There may be instances when the application of medical-school methods will be necessary. In such cases, I will recommend suitable doctors, professional medical centers, etc. and accompany you parallel to this with my own therapeutic measures.