Felix Scheffel
born on 3/3/1976 in Munich.

Naturopath since 2001 and has his
own practice in Munich since 2006.

1998 – 2001 full time student for naturopath
at the Center for Natural Healing in Munich (ZFN).
2001, graduated as German-certified naturopath.

In 1999, six months practical medical training in
the hospital of Pucallpa/Peru, whereby I assisted
in operations, Cesarean sections and natural births.

2001 - 2007 I took part in professional
advanced-training seminars with more than
7000 practise and theory hours:

My development for the calling as a naturopath and coach

Already in early childhood, my family showed me that one can also live an unconventional, independent life-style happily and successfully. The father is an inventor, the mother an American opera singer and music teacher and the brother is an actor.

I have always carried the interest in people within myself and therefore, I trained my knowledge steadily about the human psyche. I spent a large part of my spare time in a church parish as a group leader and headed my own group of 11-17 year-olds for seven years.

Because of these experiances, the wish to work with human beings as a profession became a conscious endeavor to me.
For a short time I, considered either a medical school or a naturopath carreer.

At this time (at age 19), my path of becoming conscious began through several seminars and books, whereupon I decided on the holistic-therapy view of the naturopath.

After graduation in 1998, I did my civil-service at a senior citizens' establishment in Munich. Directly after, I began my education to become a naturopath at the center for natural healing (ZFN).

Since that time, I have been meeting affectionate, wise people and teachers over and over again who inspire me and support my development of consciousness. Through these experiences I can now help my patients in variuos ways.

For all this great support, I would like to express to all these people my deepest, heartiest thanks!!