Welcome to my practice for:


You -
• have a chronically disease and want to know the reason why
• feel burned out and exhausted and have problems with sleeping
• have to take medication since a long time and are looking for    alternatives
• consistently have pain and don't want to take painkillers any    more
• over and over again get sick and your immune system is weak • are bothered from allergies and have food intolerance
• are in a job-related crisis or have problems with your    relationship
• want to, have to change or have to make an important    decision


I -
• investigate the true reason of your disease
• show you ways out of the burn-out and exhaustion
• try to find alternative possibilities for your medication
• explore new pain treatment solutions with you
• help you to build up your immune system systematically
• investigate the reasons for your allergy
• help you to get out of your crisis
• support you with difficult decisions
• accompany you in sense and orientation questions

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My therapy concept is to perceive you as a unique individual and to treat by uniting body, mind and soul.

I am glad to see that you are interested in acquiring a gentle, natural and lasting state of health. It fills me with pleasure to be able to giude you through an exploratory expedition to find the true causes of your illness.

After a thorough anamnesis (approx. 90 min.) and the following diagnosis, I will compile an individual procedure of treatment for you, which will considers all areas of your life and your discomfort.

On top of the therapy in my practice and the medication, I will show you easy but very efficient exercises for body, mind and soul. These exercises themselves will have a positive influence on your health.

Within the therapy, a process of getting conscious takes place and helps you to recognise the true origin of your illness. This helps to diminish stress, sets free self-healing forces and permanently heals deeper blockades. Within this process, I will support you with my special knowledge and all means available to me.